Mind, Body, and Soul

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Eri Lopez
Eri Lopez


In the past I was pointed towards reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. At the time I didn't understand how much noise was all around me and in my own thoughts. Ultimately it made my vision of the future I wanted to build hazy and hard to take a pragmatic approach towards reaching my goals. I needed a framework to be real with myself and ask myself deep questions without externalities influencing my motivations. From my experience, I found the book to be short but profound. I would read a section within the day and reflect throughout the week.

The Law of Pure Potentiality

Take time to be silent, to just BE. Meditate for 30 minutes twice a day. Silently witness the intelligence within every living thing. Practice non-judgment. Mantra - Om Bhavam Namah

The first spiritual law of success, coined as the Law of Pure Potentiality, centers on the premise that our fundamental state is pure consciousness—an essence brimming with infinite possibilities and boundless creativity. This consciousness represents the expansive field where all conceivable opportunities and unbridled imagination converge. Our spiritual core, characterized by attributes such as unbounded joy, profound knowledge, infinite silence, perfect balance, invincibility, simplicity, and bliss, epitomizes our essential nature, encapsulating pure potentiality.

Upon recognizing and embracing this intrinsic essence, one gains the capacity to manifest any envisioned dream. As individuals, we embody the eternal potential that spans the entirety of existence—past, present, and future. The Law of Pure Potentiality, akin to the Law of Unity, underscores the inherent unity beneath life's myriad forms. It emphasizes that there is no dichotomy between the individual and the expansive field of energy—the field of pure potentiality; it is an integral aspect of our own selves. The closer one draws to experiencing their true nature, the more intimately connected they become to the realm of pure potentiality.

The concept of self-referral, denoting an internal reference point rooted in one's own spirit rather than external stimuli, stands in stark contrast to object-referral. Object-referral, driven by fear, perpetually seeks approval from external sources, leading to a constant anticipation of responses. In this mode, individuals feel an imperative to control circumstances, driven by an intense need for external power. These needs, rooted in fear, are not indicative of the authentic power associated with pure potentiality or the true self. When one taps into the power of the Self, fear dissipates, the compulsion to control wanes, and the struggle for external approval or power becomes obsolete.


Personally, how I interpret this is that there is no difference between the universe and myself. Meaning that my mind, body, and soul are the universe. We all have the potentiality of the universe throughout our being. The closer we can be to what our true nature is, our potentiality, the easier it is to tap into that pool of boundless creativity and the ability to manifest our thoughts into the universe.

For me this change in perspective showed me how much my desires were being shaped by what others valued instead of what I deeply wanted. I practiced silencing my mind to understand what my Self wanted instead of what external references said I should want. I learned to persue what I'm passionate about instead of conventional success or percevied prestige.